Master Training

Master Training

Porsche is good at constantly moving the boundaries of what should be possible, we intend to transfer this to you. After passing Precision and Performance, your challenge is Master

In this course we talk about race line, precision braking, controlled acceleration out of corners, alternative routing and disadvantages. The theory includes things like how your car should be set to deliver optimal, how will you be prepared to cope with the stresses that advanced driving leads? We talk racing for real, but without the clock. Our job is to make you as a driver so controlled that you can maintain a high speed throughout the course. We will also have time to go through flags and safety on the track. For those who wish, we can help with debutant license via PCS Racing Club. At Master level, there will always be at least one very experienced and active racing driver as an instructor. Warning: Master is addictive, medicine is called racing.


  • Prel 20-21/5 2019


  • Mantorp Park

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