Customized Training

Customized training

Our programs for tailored training is made for companies and organizations with specific needs to consider: Problems with negligence injuries, vehicles with special loads, vehicles in fieldmissions, drivers of special vehicles (limousines, ambulances, security transports, emergency vehicles, etc.). This kind of training usually require big involvement of your own company, but in return you get many ways to easy measure and see progresses.

The purpose of the training:

  • To focus on the company’s need for changes
  • To create clear targeting with small efforts
  • To get the driver to know the importance of its own role
  • Course goals and content is determined in consultation with you


  • “The training was far beyond our expectations. We really got to feel how the car behaves in different situations.”
  • “Great – something everyone should get to try.”


  • Year-round


  • Anywhere in Sweden

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