Precision Training

Precision Training

A perfect opportunity to explore your Porsche’s features and capabilities.

We start from the beginning, our experience has given us enough argument to not cheat at the start. Too many “stepping on” the gas too quickly with very bad safety and car-control as a result.

The first day we use exercises where we learn how to handle the car properly in “low speed”. You get the opportunity to try out what happens when the balance of the car is changing – over-and understeer, and how you can correct this. Many of the exercises in the first days are taken from or inspired by the “reality” which means that you in your “everyday life” will benefit greatly from the skills you acquire during your exercises.

Day two we begin to sniff at Mantorp Park “for real”. Theory and practice will give you a new perspective on driving. We use both the northern and southern path section exercises. The day ends with that we combine all the exercises and use the entire track.


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