Driving Experience Half day

Driving Experience Half day

In this course we turn to you with long as well as short experience of driving. We give you new approaches to perhaps one of the most dangerous things we can expose ourselves for in daily life: Car driving. Of all the people we have met during our trainings, there are few who had even thought about their own responsibilities: To train their driving and learn more about today’s security systems and also the importance of education. Driving Experience teaches you to realize how to affect your own driving.

You won’t have to care about the wear of your own car. We use our own new, fully kitted cars in the educations.

The purpose of the day:

  • To understand speed impact on people’s ability to handle emergency situations in traffic
  • Increased knowledge of ABS brakes and ESP systems
  • Understanding of the role of the driver versus the car
  • To increase both respect for traffic and appreciation of decisions based on common sense
  • To understand the relationships between the Safety and Economics


  • “A fantastic experience that should be compulsory to get a driving license.”
  • “It was a long time since I took my driving license. Everyone should take this training every now and then.”
  • “I have great use of this every day in traffic. Now I have got more insight of how the car might behave.”


  • Week 14 to 51
  • 08-12 a.m. or 13-17 p.m.


  • Ljungbyhed
  • Ljungby
  • Kalmar
  • Vårgårda
  • Säve
  • Arboga
  • Arlandastad
  • Lunda
  • Karlstad
  • Nyköping
  • Gävle
  • Härnösand
  • Piteå

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