Car Events Eco Safety is an education that combines both safety and eco-driving. By Eco Safety you will learn the relationship between environment and safety in driving. We start with theory and continue with practical exercises.


  • Accident statistics
  • Stopping distances
  • The importance of speed
  • Safety measures by the authorities
  • Cargo security
  • Active and passive safety
  • Cars’ environmental effects
  • The importance of the engine heater
  • Future from an environmental perspective
  • Emission factors
  • How to affect the environment by change of driving style

Practical exercises:

  • Driving with advanced car instruments – In both city and country road driving. Objective: To demonstrate how changes in driving behaviors can result in up to between 8-15% fuel reduction without running too fast neither lose any time.
  • Brake with evasive maneuver / ABS brakes training – How to act when an obstacle suddenly appears in front of you.

    Objective: To learn how to manage the ABS brakes and really understand the importance of speed.

  • Mobile phone / Slalom track – Distraction exercise where we want to prove the importance of using correct equipment for telephony when driving.Objective: To demonstrate the significantly reduced ability to concentrate on driving under an ongoing call.

We welcome you to become a smarter and greener driver.


  • “Everything was extremely useful – everyone should participate in one of these courses!”
  • “You can’t get too much safety within traffic or any other area!”


  • Week 14 to 51


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  • Ljungby
  • Kalmar
  • Vårgårda
  • Säve
  • Arboga
  • Barkarby
  • Arlandastad
  • Lunda
  • Karlstad
  • Nyköping
  • Gävle
  • Härnösand
  • Piteå

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