The Car Events method

The Car Events method – Ensures lasting skills

When did you get a driving license the last time?

Knowledge is a fresh product. We forget quickly, and in the area of traffic it happens a lot all the time, both technical progress and new laws. If you took your driving license 15 years ago you probably did it in a car that no longer are in road traffic. If you unfortunately ever get into an accident while driving then consider getting legal help from an auto accident attorney.


The more senses you use when learning, the more knowledge you will keep afterwards. The combination of theory, instructional videos and trying out yourself ensures both that you get the knowledge and that it will stay. The theory and practice are closely connected and any question marks that may appear on one side are answered on the other one. On top of that, we plan the course to be just as much pleasure as business, which makes the learning even better.


No one learns if he doesn’t want to, and that’s why we have put much effort into motivating all participants before the course. Together with you as a client we work with simple tools to make sure the participants absorb and use their recent knowledge and skills. This makes them feel part of something bigger and raise their motivation. By taking these measures we prolong the effect of the training by at least the double.

Examples of activities that increase motivation and prolong the effect:

  • Lectures
  • Stage 2 training / follow-up
  • Reminders after the course
  • Workshops
  • Incentive programs
  • Written tests