Performance Training

Performance Training

If Precision sparked your interest and made you really curious about the advanced driving, then you should proceed to the next step – Performance.

Focus is to improve your car-control and how you responds to challenges along the track, combined with theoretical sessions you get the complete picture. You will really get to know your car better.

The first day is about driving techniques in practice. We are on the course and practice in sections. Very individual training, we comment and practicing again, again and again – until it works out. The second day we tie than to the practical exercises and begins with theory sessions. This session will give you the knowledge, for example, why the ideal line looks like it does. What is the “apex”, how do you think to get good results when you practice and so on. With new knowledge in your luggage, we will return to the track again. Before the second day is over, you are guaranteed to have experienced exactly what your Porsche can do. Either as a driver or as a passenger with an instructor behind the wheel.


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