Porsche Track Experience

Porsche Track Experience

Porsche Track Experience is an established concept that exists all over the world. Car Events is operating this business in Sweden. 

Porsche Track Experience is divided into three levels and each level consists of a two-day course. The goal of the training is to gradually develop you as a driver. The first level is called Precision Training and focus is to learn more about safety and basic car control. Next step is Performance Training, where the big challenge will be to control the car in higher speed. Master Training, which is the last step, prepares you for serious racing.

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  • Precision, Prel 14-15/5 2019
  • Performance, Prel 16-17/5 2019
  • Master, Prel 20-21/5 2019


  • Precision, Mantorp Park
  • Performance, Mantorp Park
  • Master, Mantorp Park

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