Eco Driving

Eco Driving

Car Events Eco Driving teaches you how to become a wiser and greener driver. Through smarter driving, you can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% without having to run more slowly or lose any time.

In the course we mix theory briefings with practical exercises. The setup of the course makes you gradually increase your knowledge in Eco Driving throughout the course. You will, among other things, get to try out driving with the cars own instruments, both in urban environments and on the road.

Throughout the day we measure the fuel consumption of the cars, ad at the end of the day we review the actual result. It becomes a nice receipt of how much fuel and by that environment you will be able to save.

You will learn:

  • Cars’ environmental effects
  • The importance of the engine heater
  • Future from an environmental perspective
  • Emission factors
  • Active and passive safety
  • How to affect the environment by change of driving style


  • “The instructors were superb. Professional, full of knowledge, informative and very nice.”
  • “A really enjoyable and useful day. Should be included in the purchase of a new car.”


  • Year-round


  • Anywhere in Sweden

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