Many years of experience to train drivers have given us a broad competence: 2- or 4-wheel driven cars, rear or front wheel driven cars, older “conventional” cars or modern cars with all the electronics included, SUV’s (sports utility vehicle), MPV’s (multi purpose vehicle) and terrain cars. To ensure that the new knowledge both go in and remain we take a holistic approach on the analysis, training and follow ups. By the Car Events method, we ensure that knowledge stuck properly, and that the effects of the education last longer. We usually start with our basic course Driving Experience, where we go through the key elements in safety & economics. We also have several special trainings for different professions and other special needs.

Driving Experience – Basic education in road safety, safety systems and car economics. Available as 1/2 day and 1/1 day course.

EcoSafety – Combination training of both safety and eco-driving. By Eco Safety you will learn the relationship between environment and safety in driving.

Eco Driving – Car Events Eco Driving teaches how to become a wiser and greener driver. Through smarter driving, you can reduce fuel consumption without having to run more slowly or lose any time.

Customized courses – Based on your needs. For example, for companies with high costs for negligence, damage, or international courses like in English-language or left hand-traffic.